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  • Leila Forouhar, Hesse Taraneh Leila Forouhar, Hesse Taraneh
  • Leila Forouhar, In Rooza Leila Forouhar, In Rooza
  • Leila Forouhar – Kheili Douset Daram Leila Forouhar – Kheili Douset Daram
  • Leila Forouhar – “Fereshtehaye Kucholo” Leila Forouhar – “Fereshtehaye Kucholo”
  • Leila Forouhar – Khayli Hasasam Leila Forouhar – Khayli Hasasam

From My Heart Album

A true icon among all Persian music fans, Leila Forouhar has released her new album “From My Heart” from Taraneh Records! She has started a new style of music in her latest album. It includes 13 tracks, she has collaborated with Oscar nominated & Emmy award winner actress, Shohreh Aghdashloo in this album. It’s officially from “Leila Forouhar & Rumi’s Band” and has all new songs with fusion and mystic melodies.

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Giving Back To Community

Leila believes in giving back to the community, she has performed in a charity event in Universal Hilton to help Iranian homeless people in Los Angeles! She joined to PACI to reduce the impact of cancer in the Persian-American community and in the world beyond. She has participated in Child Foundation programs to help children living in poverty remain in school.

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