Leila Forouhar was born on February 23 in Isfahan, Iran, into an artist family. Her father , Jahangir Forouhar, already established a solid background in the Iranian entertainment industry.

By the early 70’s he featured appearances in more than 80 movies in addition to his work in television and theater. Farangis Farahzadi , Leila’s mother, is also a well-known movie and theater actress.In addition to music, Leila was also an actress in many Persian movies of the 1960’s and 1970’s. She is more widely known as a singer than as an actress. From birth, Leila , as a little girl went on the stage to perform. She was on the stage with her father , mother, and the great actor of Iran’s theater, Arham Sadr, at the theater of Sepahan Isfahan. In 1962 , Leila initiated acting in movies like “ Wild Rooster “ , and “ Morad & Laleh “. She was well-known as a great artist in Iran and because of her age she was became known as a child star of Iran. Leila had the most brilliant acting in the movie “ Soltane Ghalbha “ directed by Mohammad Ali Fardin.

Besides acting , Leila started to sing when she was only 14 years old and it has become the preface of a way has been continued until today. In 1974 , Leila released a self-titled music album , which sold out in some Middle Eastern countries like Afghanistan in less than a day. Two singels from the album , “ cheshmeye nour “ and “ eshgh mesle atish “ in particular where noted in entertainment magazine and praised by so many great musician of this time in Iran and other Middle Eastern countries. She has released more than 60 songs before the Islamic Republic Revolution and after the revolution in 1979 she remained in Iran until 1986 but did not record or perform again due to the ban on solo female singers. She also initiated learning Persian classic music with presence of a great musician, Tajbakhsh in 1981. In 1986 Leila and her family moved to Turkey and from there to France and after 2 years living in France in 1988 they moved to the United States of America quickly established contact with Los Angeles based Iranian artist who had fled at the outbreak of the revolution. That same year , she released “Makhmal-e-Naz” and in 1989 “Hediyeh” (“ The Gift “), and the song “ Ey Del “ ( “Oh My Heart” ) became very popular, rekindling a craze similar to that inspired by “ Cheshmeye Nour”. By the 1990’s re-established her reputation as a popular female vocalist amongst Persian audiences and has performed in concerts all around the world and in so many well-known arenas like Shrine Auditorium, Kodak Theater , Universal Amphitheater , Oberhausen. Her last concert in Kodak Theater was in 2008.

"Leila performed in a charity event in Universal Hilton to help Iranian homeless people in Los Angeles!"

− Persian Relief Center

"Leila joined to PACI to reduce the impact of cancer in the Persian-American community and in the world beyond."

− Persian American Cancer Institute

"Child Foundation is an international charity organization that helps children living in poverty remain in school."

− Leila Sings for Child Foundation

She was the first Persian singer who has performed concerts in Dubai , Tajikistan , and Japan for the first time. Leila is very popular among Middle East countries like Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kurdistan , Armenia and also in The United States. She has received appreciation from Los Angeles mayor for several times. Releasing an album a year , Leila has released more than 20 albums since she has started her singing career. One of her best sold album was “ Planet of Harmony “ that consisted of famous songs in different languages like ; English, Italian , Greek , Arabic , Hebrew , Afghani , Armenian , Turkish , and Kurdish. Her albums are available in Tower Records and iTunes.

Leila Forouhar can be entitled a part of geniuses in music of Iran and world because she is able to perform all music styles and methods such as; pop and classic in different languages. Having started her career over 30 years ago , she is a well established star with numerous fans all over the worlds. In August 2004, Leila married Essi Nabi , a Los Angeles based businessman in a ceremony that included friend , family , many colleague singers and entertainers. Many heart temptation in Iran and around the world are for Leila to love. In fact Leila is the “ star of music of Iran”.

In Nowrouz of 1389 (2010) in celebration of regarding nowrouz as an international ceremony in United Nation calendar, Leila performed a great program as a representative of Iranian Community with presence of numerous politician of the United States and Middle East countries in Great Hall. She intend to release her latest album in fusion style and also have programs for a worldwide tour in 2010.